Healing Services

Alchemical Hypnotherapy

 a client-centered, interactive therapeutic process in which the client discovers and works with his or her internal wisdom and guidance system through archetypes and inner guides such as the Inner Child and the Higher Self. Working with this guidance system assists in emotional release and empowerment, clearing obstacles such as childhood abuse issues, addictions, weight management, eating disorders, phobias, depression, anxiety, loneliness, relationship issues, creative blocks, difficult decision making, loss of personal power, followed by inner guidance resolution and personal power restoration. The Alchemical process assists in empowering one to be aligned with his/her life purpose.”

Hands on Energy Healing

I currently offer Tera Mai and Seichem energy healing which uses healing rays of light Earth (Reiki), Angelic Air, Fire, and Water for self healing of emotional, physical, mental, and emotional issues.


Spiritual Life Coaching

I will assist you in transforming your life into your desired life  aligned and with integrity with your highest purpose and spiritual values. You will remove obstacles from reaching your goals! Hypnosis included is optional, but desired for faster results

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