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Alchemical Hypnotherapy

Alchemical hypnotherapy is a client-centered, interactive therapeutic process in which the client discovers and works with his or her internal wisdom and guidance system through archetypes and inner guides. Working with this guidance system assists in emotional release and empowerment, helping one to clear obstacles such as childhood abuse issues, addictions, weight management, eating disorders, phobias, depression, anxiety, loneliness, relationship issues, smoking, creative blocks, difficult decision making, and loss of personal power, followed by inner guidance resolution and personal power restoration. This process assists in empowering one to be aligned with his/her life purpose.  

Spiritual Life Coaching

Achieve living your desired life style with Transformational Coaching with optional hypnosis. Are you looking for more passion,joy, more meaning in your life or living your life more on your terms? I can help you to get really clear on what is most important to you, what kind of life you desire to live and how to start making that a reality. With weekly coaching and the therapeutic process of hypnosis, we will remove obstacles in the way of living your life's purpose and empower you in achieving the life that is your destiny.  

Energy Healing

Tera Mai (TM) Reiki and Seichem energy healings for emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical issues. 

Golden Sun healing with Somatic Healing, a hypnotic trance with movement,energy channeling, emotional clearing, and color therapy .