I've had two sessions with Diana, for separate concerns, and both have been extremely positive experiences. I would highly recommend her therapy.

I was able to have a phone conversation with Diana before we met for the first time. She created a friendly, safe atmosphere and helped me to understand what hypnotherapy is and is not -- so I knew what to expect from the session.

The extensive intake consultation pinpointed the issue(s) at hand and gave a focus to the process. Diana's guidance during session helped me to make some discoveries about my issue. These insights have helped me to release some significant, long-term resentments and out-dated beliefs. This has made a huge difference for me in my relationships and there is a marked reduction in my anxiety level. 

Ellen H.

 Diana Ruth Briscoe, is an excellent hypnotherapist. My sessions with her practice, were very successful on working towards, my goals. I needed to get over a creative block I was having on a big art piece. my sessions let me gain a strong sense clarity on myself and creativity. I left my sessions with inspiration and confidence ! 


 I highly recommend Miss Briscoe to anyone seeking a good hypnotherapist! I only went in for a single session of self-discovery, but came out so much more enlightened and at peace with myself. Miss Briscoe is incredibly professional and works hard before, during, and after the actual trance to ensure that you benefit as much as possible from your therapy, and she truly cares about her clients. Whether you go in once like I did for a single self-discovery session or continually for a chronic problem, you will not regret choosing Miss Briscoe. 

Bob C

 One of the best therapeutic experiences I've ever had. I had lots of good energy and positive encouraging thoughts shaping my days for the rest of the week. It feels empowering, in that it puts tools for making changes in your own hands. Diana is a great coach helping you find new ways to approach what's bothering you. 

Karim S.

 I recently met Diana to find a resolution about an issue that has been bothering me for a couple months. The whole experience was very relaxing and she facilitated me in seeking guidance from my own inner wisdom! I gained clarity and felt lighter about the issue at the end of the session. She is very professional, creates a safe space and attentive to every single detail. I highly recommend Ms. Briscoe and her practice! 

Siva A.